[Ocular alterations in patients with Alport syndrome-An update]


IV. In recent years, new and innovative imaging techniques have added characteristics of ocular alterations in AS and provided new insights, including into the pathogenesis of the disease. The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of the current knowledge of ocular changes in AS, as well as to present the Alport ocular pass. Narrative review article. IV collagen in ocular structures. IV in retinal embryogenesis. While anterior lenticonus is pathognomonic for AS and can be treated easily by refractive lens exchange, the only option currently available for retinal alterations is close follow-up and, if necessary, treatment of systemic complications of AS. nderungen bei AS zu geben sowie den Alport-Augenpass vorzustellen. bersichtsarbeit. re Strukturen geben. nderungen zurzeit nur die Kontrolle und ggf. Behandlung von systemischen Komplikationen des AS.